Wow Pilipinas Party-list believes that tourism plays a significant role in economic development and inclusive growth that will provide more opportunities for our people. While the COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily slowed down progress, Wow Pilipinas Party-list believes that tourism will play a crucial role in providing much-needed economic opportunities for our people––and should be provided the support necessary to maximize its capacity to help the country grow and develop. We also believe that with a concrete roadmap and comprehensive programs for the sector, tourism can help our country recover and rise as one.

Sa turismo, lahat aasenso!



Pink signals possibilities and optimism — qualities we strive to embody as we work to improve the country’s transportation systems.


Red symbolizes the qualities of the government we want to build — strong and passionate about the welfare of its citizens.


Orange represents the warmth and enthusiasm of Filipino service, a key element in every Philippine tourist destination


Yellow represents the sunny nature of our people, which is associated with the world-class hospitality Filipinos are known for.


Green is the color of nature, which we will vow to preserve for future generations of Filipinos.


Blue is a solid color that represents the construction sector, which will play a key role in building back safer and better.


We believe that at the core of tourism development is the welfare of its various stakeholders — almost 14 million Filipinos from small and medium-sized enterprises employed in the tourism sector. If elected to Congress, Wow Pilipinas Party-list will work to address the various concerns of the tourism sector’s various stakeholders by reviewing and amending existing tourism-related legislation, as well as pushing for new legislation that will benefit the sector’s stakeholders.

We believe that the COVID-19 pandemic will inevitably influence the design and construction of tourism-related structures, from comfort and aesthetics to disease mitigation concerns to build pandemic-resilient environments that will reduce the threats posed by airborne diseases. Wow Pilipinas Party-list believes that legislation can be passed to incentivize initiatives to build back safer, and that efforts should be made to convince Congress to invest in tourism-related infrastructure that will put an emphasis on open spaces and access to fresh air.

The Philippines’ greatest tourism asset, aside from its people, is the country itself with over 7,000 beautiful islands. While the government and private sector should invest and do more to develop the country’s many tourism sites, we believe that sustainable tourism should be the guiding principle of any tourism development strategy. In line with this, Wow Pilipinas Party-list will work with environmental advocates, communities, and local governments to craft green legislation and to champion sustainable tourism development.



Our first nominee has close to two decades of experience in public administration and tourism development. Currently the Vice Mayor of the Municipality of Caluya in Antique Province, Vice Mayor Reyes began public service when she was 17 years old as SK Chairman of Semirara and has had a sterling career, eventually taking up the Mayorship in Calua.

As mayor of Caluya, many of her initiatives were focused on maximizing the tourism potential of her hometown which paved the way for further development and recognition of the locality’s potential as a tourism hub. Consistent economic progress and cultural investments eventually drew tourists in from all over the country.

A graduate of Central Philippine University-Iloilo with a degree in Information Technology, Vice Mayor Reyes is the Provincial President of the Vice Mayors League of the Philippines (VMLP) and a Member of the Board of Directors of VMLP Visayas.


The third and youngest nominee of Wow Pilipinas Party-list is the founder of University of the Philippines (UP) Bike Share, a non-profit student organization focused on advocating active transportation, safer roads, and student-led technology development, which secured a 15 million-peso government funded research grant and was recognized as one of the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations in 2020. In his alma mater, he was a member of several distinguished organizations, and was awarded the 2020 Garrick Yao Memorial Award of Service.

He also attended a Stanford Environmental & Water Studies Summer Program and took courses on Sustainable Design Thinking, Smart Cities, and Urban Politics at Stanford University, which helped his research about waste management systems and water quality for the City of Manila as part of the UP Resilience Institute.