Cebu is seen as a rising film festival hub

Cebu should sincerely consider the potentiality of becoming a film-making hub amid increasing demand for original content.

“I think the potential for Cebu of becoming a hub or as a center for film and media production is considerable, especially (since) we have an airport right there,” said Mel Allego, president of the Cebu International Film Festival (Cebu.IFF).

“The Cebuano community speaks English well. We have a lot of stories (to tell), ” he added.

To support local film producers, Allego said they would be asking distributors, producers and financiers from all over the world for this year’s Cebu International Film Festival scheduled in September “to listen to our stories and to help cultivate our ideas, our stories, to give it an audience outside of the Philippines.”

He emphasized, however, the requirement for local filmmakers to meet international standards, such as sound and picture quality.

The Cebu.IFF will create an event to signal the launch and promotion for the Cebu.IFF 2019 on June 1 as part of the Cebu Business Month 2019 activities.

The Cebu.IFF Curtain Raiser, which will be held at the Robinson’s Galleria Cebu Cinema, will feature the winning films of the 2018 competition.

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