Star trails in Mt. Pulag perfectly captured by photographer

From his cityscape photos from atop buildings in Metro Manila to twilight images capturing the beauty of Mt. Mayon in Bicol, Ralph Anthony Valderrama has spent time and effort only to get the photo that he wanted.

On March 5, he ascended the peak after a night at Camp 2 in Mount Pulag, with two cameras tow. The first camera to do a Milky Way time-lapse and the second camera pointed at the north star (Polaris) to show the rotation. That 7-second video now featured below , spotting the rotation and star trails, took 2 hours to catch via time-lapse.

For Valderrama, the ultimate reward is when you see the finished outcome of hours of labor.

“Landscape photography is not for the lazy, it does not reward excuses,” so goes a saying he frequently quotes with the photographs that he posts.

News source: ABS CBN News

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