Iloilo local gov’t units pushed to build tourism plans

The Iloilo Provincial Tourism Office (PTO) urges local government units (LGU) to have their own community tourism plans.

Gilbert Marin, provincial tourism officer, emphasized on Wednesday the importance of the tourism plan in terms of municipalities’ promotion of local attractions.

“The tourism plan will serve as their ‘bible’, a template on their direction and promotion of the local tourism,” he said in an interview.

He said the tourism plan “is a very basic requirement of every municipality” as each sector must have its plans and programs.

“The LGUs had laid down its existing attractions but we are hopeful that they can soon craft their plans. What will happen next to these attractions will depend on the plan,” he said.

“They already have the manual or handbook and it will depend on them when to start using it. For us in the PTO, we are ready to assist them step-by-step,” he said.

News source: Philippine News Agency