WOW Pilipinas Push For Sustainable Tourism Agenda

WOW Pilipinas Partylist, on Tuesday, said policy discussions on tourism development should include ways to address environmental, social and economic sustainability issues, as the group further vows to champion advocacies that would promote sustainable tourism across the country.

“When we speak of tourism, it’s not all just about statistics of visitors or the means to entice them to be here. It is more important to include sustainable strategies to advance a balanced tourism agenda for people, profit, and planet.” says Patty Keng, the party’s first nominee.

In its legislative agenda which can be found in its website (, Wow Pilipinas shall push for initiatives that fosters greater employment generation, responsible tourism practices, and the empowerment of local economies.

“We all need to pursue a holistic approach to tourism development – one that empowers communities, ensures sustainability, and looks after the welfare of the residents of tourism areas by advancing social services in health and education.” Keng added.

She further pointed out that ensuring sustainability in the tourism sector is a continuous process and requires active engagement from all its stakeholders.

WOW Pilipinas is the leading tourism sector partylist and advocacy in the Philippines, which champions opportunities and job creation through sustainable, quality, and modern tourism development and local community empowerment.

It is one among 181 partylist groups participating in the May 2019 elections.

Among the pieces of legislation it would push in Congress include Sustainable Tourism Promotions Act, Tourism Infrastructure Development Act, Medical Tourism Act, Management of Sustainable Destinations Act, and the Tourism Workers Professionalization Act, among others. It also seeks to propose amendments to Republic Act 9593 or the Tourism Act of 2009.

“Since the inception of the Partylist law, there is no group or movement which primarily and genuinely represented our tourism sector. It is our hope to become the voice of our stakeholders, and to push for sustainable solutions through meaningful tourism policies in Congress,” Keng ended.