UNWTO promotes gastronomy tourism

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) highlights the value of gastronomy tourism to sustainable development due to its close ties to the local production of a country.

This will be through its World Forum on Gastronomy Tourism co-organized by the Basque Culinary Center on May 2-3 in San Sebastián, Spain.

“The objective is to promote gastronomy tourism as a factor for the sustainable development of countries, by virtue of its close links with local products and culture,” the UNWTO said.

“Consequently, it is a driver of professional training, job creation, and community development,” it added.

The UNWTO said the forum endeavors to encourage the exchange of experiences among tourism and gastronomy experts and identify good practices.

Moreover, the event aims to distinguish favorable frameworks that foster entrepreneurship and the development of ecosystems that, in turn, incite connections among emerging companies throughout the gastronomy tourism value chain.

The forum will also address the potential of gastronomy tourism to promote better inclusion of disadvantaged groups and boost the quality of work environments.

News source: Philippine Star