PHL seeks to promote cruise tourism

The Philippines is rising as one of the best tourist destinations for cruise ships though it strives to win the harmony between revenue and target audience.

The country is not only blessed with archipelagic geography, but it also has a diverse culture in every region, which makes it a great stopover for tourists.

According to Benito Bengzon of Department of Tourism, “As in the case of general tourism in the country, what we want to do is find that sweet spot to achieve that optimum mix between headcount and revenue. So in that matter, we all know that the revenue per head per capita of passengers of expedition ships is higher than that of the bigger ships. But we need bigger ships for the numbers. So what we want is to have that optimum balance.”

Due to the growing port of calls, the country is trying to develop its cruise tourism product with the implementation of the National Cruise Development Strategy (NCTDS). Philippines endeavors to have 656,635 cruise passengers from 300 ports of calls by the end of 2022.

While the big cruise ships bring the numbers with thousands of passengers, expedition cruises offer a low-density, high-value kind of experience as these ships commonly carry about 600 to 700 passengers. Expedition ships have excellent versatility because of its smaller size enabling it to go to smaller and more remote islands in the country.

News source: Travel Daily Media