French national caught climbing Makati skyscraper

The beauty of the Philippines isn’t just found on its beaches and islands. It turns out that even the country’s towering buildings in the city give a noteworthy impression on tourists like 56-year old French national Alain Robert.

Known as the “French Spiderman”, Robert climbed a Makati skyscraper without any protective gear Tuesday morning. Robert dared climb the 7th tallest structure in the Makati central business district with 43 stories at a height of 217.20 meters.

He was caught on video suspending several floors above Makati’s typical rush hour traffic. While descending from the building’s facade quickly before noon, he was captured by local authorities and is now under the custody of Makati City Police Station for breaking city ordinances.

Whether one prefers the rural or urban setting, Philippines really has its unique charm.

Source: ABS-CBN News, CNN Philippines

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